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@pmc I had trouble visualizing how to cut the onions, too, so I did a google video search for other stuffed onion recipes. I found one for Lebanese Roasted Stuffed Onions (hosted on a cooking site and also on youtube). That video shows how to cut and roll the onions—and it aligns closely with Kay Chun's instructions. Good luck!


I'm not so sure it is good to microwave plastic. Can I just put the onions in a small dish and microwave them? Why do I have to wrap in plastic?


If visual of 'how to' handle the onion in steps 1 and 4 is confusing based on this recipe instructions, take a look at these 2 videos, neither are for this recipe but for stuffed onions using similar technique. In the 1st video up to about 1:10 to see 'how to'. In the 2nd starting about 0:49 to 1:19 then again 1:41 to 1:52. Note: In this recipe 25 min cook is too long in step 1 - consider 15 to 20.

eastern sierra cook

Use a glass casserole lid instead of plastic wrap: better for you and the environment.

Veggie Chef

After reading the other comments I made the following edits and wow! This dish is spectacular. -sub veg stock for the water-double the cumin & cardamom-add 0.5 tsp. Mild Aleppo pepper-add 0.25 tsp. Sumac-add 3 cloves garlic, microplaned when sautéing onion-I used pistachios, slivered almonds, currants and dried apricots (diced) for the fruit/nut mix. -sprinkle zaatar over top (instead of salt) before baking-garnish with chopped parsley and mint and serve with garlicy yogurt/tzatziki

Jean from NC

Much easier than boiling: wrap the slit onions in a couple layers of plastic wrap and microwave until they start to feel soft. Be careful--the insides will be hot! Easier and more flavor-preserving than boiling--and I'm speaking as a person who uses plastic wrap for almost nothing else.These stuffed onions are often baked in a tamarind sauce--also lovely.


Please excuse my ignorance, but I am still trying to wrap my head around 3 large onions becoming these small picturesque vessels. (Wish there were a video with this one.) You work from the outside inward, but cutting in half? Any hints would be appreciated, and happy Thanksgiving!


Green cardamom is just the regular cardamom that is available in ground form in almost all grocery stores. In 'ethnic' grocery stores you can get the whole pods, or ground versions.It's called green cardamom because it's made from the smaller green podded cardamom, to distinguish it from the smoky flavoured large black cardamom. Black cardamom cannot be substituted for green cardamom, the flavours are too different.


very pretty and fun (or fussy) to make, great vegetarian centerpiece but I thought it lacked a couple of flavor elements on its own. despite the tart cherry in the recipe, barely tasted it which is a shame, maybe needs more but afraid it’ll be too sweet. also lacked zestiness/acidity, maybe needs some lemon juice. hard to gauge how much salt. flavor salvaged with a side of zaatar yogurt (greek yogurt, lemon juice, olive oil, zaatar) garlicky cumin-coriander carrot salad.


I loved this dish, as did my Seder guests. I found it easy to make (I microwaved the onions in plastic wrap as suggested by another reader). In the future, I wouldn’t bother chopping the raisins and would likely include more cherries. I made the dish in advance, up until the add water and bake step. Then I refrigerated it overnight. An hour or so before dinner I added the boiling water and put it in the oven to cook. Worked perfectly.

kate sf

To pmc: I am going to approach this like stuffed cabbage (leaves). You separate the onion layers (=leaves) and the larger outside ones, you cut in half. The leaves/layers are kind of rolled to form the final stuffed onions in the picture. I anticipate mine will not look so neat. These professional NYT pics always look better than my home dish.Wishing us both the best - it will taste good even if things fall apart.


Doesn’t need the onion shells. Quadruple spices. Added sumac and aleppo


New to stuffing / rolling onions asin this delicious recipe, I thought a video would be helpful. Sometimes NYT Cooking videos can be found on youtube but not for this recipe. So I referenced others. For cooks who also might find video helpful on handling / rolling onions I'll link here. The handling of onions is at 00:42 - 1:17, 1:55-2:20 & 2:50-3:15.


Am I the only one who doesn't understand the onion-cutting directions? Also with no microwave, maybe I would try roasting in the oven to preserve flavor.


Penzeys has whole green pods, you will have to grind them in a mortar and pestle. Or any Indian foods market will have the whole pods and ground. Regular ground will work as well.


I made this & OMG it was terrific. A lot of time/effort but investment well worth it. Due to veganism & serious allergies involving cinnamon & dried fruit, had to make some adjustments. In lieu of dried fruit, chopped up sweet baby carrots & fresh ginger. Latter added quite bites of zest. The onions & carrots added all the sweetness my family needed. I can’t imagine making this with all the dried fruit as we are not big on sweetness. Do it again? Absolutely!


Looks impressive on the table, but taste wise the result is not greater than the sum of its parts. Next time, I will make the rice on its own (delicious) and top it with freshly fried onions, toasted nuts and fresh herbs (mint would go especially well with the flavors).


Since the amount of salt is unspecified, why the recommendation for Diamond Crystal salt? Would Morton's work? Sea salt? Morton's table salt? Pink Himalayan salt?Curious minds want know.


Followed the directions as written and thought it was perfect as is. I did sprinkle a little feta on the leftovers and that was quite nice, but absolutely not necessary. This will be be a permanent addition to future holiday menus.

Joe Becci

I made this last Thanksgiving and again this year for my Afghan friends at a big Thanksgiving bash. I followed the suggestion to up the spices and use veggie stock. Perfect for a crowd where vegetarian is preferred over meat dishes that your not sure is Halal.


Silly question - planning to make this for my vegan/gf guests at thanksgiving (subbing margarine for butter) and was wondering if any of this can be made ahead of time? Any suggestions on improving timing for a kitchen with one oven cooking turkey would be greatly appreciated!

J. Cosmo

Were I to make this dish, the cups of water in steps 5 and 7 would come from the water used to simmer the onions in step 1.


NEVER microwave using plastic wrap of any kind. Heat releases carcinogenic chemicals that are dangerous for human or animal consumption. Use wax paper or parchment paper instead.


Can this be made with brown rice? I'm out of basmati. Maybe cook 10 mins before covering and baking?


I added some more spices like paprika and garlic. Finely chopped the cherries and raisins and that distributed it better through the dish but for the two cups of water we used at different times in the recipe I used the onion water that the onions were boiled in. I also brushed them with olive oil mixed with lemon juice and broiled for two minutes at the end.

Thank you Kay Chun for sharing this one

Great comments by all! Personally, this recipe is wonderful as written, and fun to make. I have made it 5+ times and always been enjoyed by my guests. I love the idea of serving at Thanksgiving. I have subbed saffron for a bit of turmeric and enjoy it just the same. Be well. Peace.

Tina HP/Paris

A friend and I both made this for Thanksgiving (surprise!), she followed the recipe a bit more, I used what i had in cupboard, so made it with cooked-already red rice - the chewyness was awesome - and dried cranberries as couldn't find the cherries. Both were great! it was funny to have two completely different dishes from the same recipe.


Visually this dish is extremely appealing and easy-ish to make. But the final outcome was surprisingly bland, and the saffron was a bit overpowering. I could barely taste the cherry or raisins. It's like all the nuts and dried fruit melted away. Added some fresh dill and that seemed to help a bit. Were I to make this again, I'd use Yottam Ottolenghi's saffron rice recipe in "Jerusalem" to stuff the onions.


outstanding flavor. rather than water, I used the onion water for the rice. there is too much rice. Next time I will use ½ cup of rice and adjust the liquid accordingly. I will keep the same amount of nuts and dried fruit, and spices; I will only just reduce the rice/liquid. when I made 1 cup of rice as the recipe said, in addition to the onions, I stuffed peppers and still had leftover rice.


New to stuffing / rolling onions asin this delicious recipe, I thought a video would be helpful. Sometimes NYT Cooking videos can be found on youtube but not for this recipe. So I referenced others. For cooks who also might find video helpful on handling / rolling onions I'll link here. The handling of onions is at 00:42 - 1:17, 1:55-2:20 & 2:50-3:15.

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Stuffed Onions Recipe (2024)


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