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“You can’t even use any breathing styles—what use are you as a demon slayer to the corps?” Sanemi Shinazugawa sneered, barely even turning to toss Genya a second glance. Inside his chest, Genya’s heart felt like it was being pierced with flaming serrated knives. He knew that his face was probably giving away his hurt—the tears lining his eyes and the twitching around his mouth—but he clamped his mouth shut because he knew that Sanemi was completely accurate.

He couldn’t use any breathing styles—lacking the innate talent that practically every demon slayer had that allowed for them to move forward through the ranks and decapitate powerful demons. Even his nichirin blade hadn’t changed colors after all of his desperation to pass final selection and acquire one. It was like every sign in the world was telling him that he couldn’t do it—that he would never be able to catch up to his brother to apologize for all of the ways that Genya had internally scarred him.

Even if he’d been so young when he’d branded his own brother a murderer—it was no excuse. He should have known better—should have been smarter. Maybe, if he had been, this mess of a relationship with the older brother he treasured more than his own life wouldn’t be in this dismal of a state. He wondered what his past-self from before they lost everything that summer evening would have made of their fragmented—strung together by worn threads—relationship.

Despite the fact that practically every sign told him to quit—to give-up and give-in, he had instead forced himself to find another way. The need to catch up to his older brother and be able to sincerely apologize for his wrong-doings was the only reason that Genya had made it this far. He’d taken the life that Sanemi had bloodied his hands for at twelve and tried to give it some sort of value that would make the things his older brother did worthwhile. But, it was like, for every step that Genya made further down that path—everyone else leapt forward, taking hundreds of steps in a way that he could only dream of.

Genya steeled himself, chasing away the self-doubt and loathing that sprung easily into his thoughts at Sanemi’s blunt honesty. They weren’t helpful to anybody. “Aniki—I—” He started, only to be swiftly cut-off by the sharp glare that made his heart drop.

He willed himself to not be reminded of drunken glares and raised fists, covering up his flinch at the cold, unfeeling look in his older brother’s violet eyes. “I don’t have a brother, let alone a pathetic weakling like you.” Sanemi snarled, practically spitting out the title like it was demonic curse.

Well, f*ck you too, buddy!” Dead silence wrapped around them both and Genya’s eyes widened, not even realizing the words came from his own mouth. He slapped his hand over the lower half of his face, taken aback. “I’m so sorry, I take that back.” He gasped.

It was an instinctive reaction to the heavy blow of Sanemi once again denouncing him as a brother. Genya’s thoughts stilled at the echoed sentiment of the words persisting in his ears—the proclamation that Genya was too pathetic to be even given the title of brother by Sanemi. Too pathetic. Too useless. Too worthless.

If Sanemi could so easily cast Genya aside. If he could so easily pretend that Genya wasn’t his brother—or maybe, it wasn’t even pretending anymore since their relationship had been destroyed the day the rest of their family died. Maybe Sanemi truly did consider the Genya he had loved as dead.

It’s not like the wind pillar truly cared right now, either. At the moment, he was probably only staying out of surprise that a weakened demon slayer had cursed at him, a Hashira-level demon slayer. The best of the best and nearly as strong as Genya’s own teacher, stronger than other pillars that Genya wouldn’t dare to badmouth. It was laughable and he knew that he’d probably wind up with more bruises due to his thoughtless words regardless of the quickly attached apology.

Besides, Sanemi had honestly said far more hurtful things to him since he’d followed him into the demon slayers unflinchingly. He’d ripped apart most of Genya’s attributes and categorized him as pathetic and weak and useless and worthless. So what? Genya decided in that moment that he wasn’t really that ashamed of his initial, tongue-in-cheek response. So what if he gets his ass handed to him?

Honestly, he was starting to feel less sorry and more self-righteous—a familiar anger curling in his stomach and making him nod to himself and clench his hands. He dug his fingernails—thankfully blunt—into his palms and looked the wind pillar square in the eye, hiding his nerves.

“Actually. I don’t take that back. You, my good sir, can go f*ck yourself slowly with a flaming sword.” Genya remarked, not even displaying a hint of apology. “I’ve spent years of my life trying to f*cking apologize to you for that day and you know what—I’m sick of it. I’m sorry that I called you a murderer that day. But, you know what, I’m not sorry for joining the demon slayers. And you know what else? If you don’t want to be my brother, that’s fine, but I’m rejecting you as a brother too, Shinazugawa-sama.” The words were very polite. Genya was a little pleased with himself for keeping a professional tone.

He hummed thoughtfully, debating if there was anything else he wanted to add, before realizing that he was done speaking. Genya nodded to himself. “Huh?” Sanemi sputtered, losing some of his composure.

Genya smiled cordially. He bowed; arms clasped in front of him. “I think we’re done here. Let’s not waste each other’s time Shinazugawa-sama.” Genya turned on his heel and calmly walked away.

Well, he would have gotten a little further than a few meager steps—and Genya could almost spot the silhouette of Tanjiro peeking out from behind a wall with wide eyes—if someone hadn’t decided to latch onto his arm. Genya turned with a raised eyebrow at the wind pillar for grabbing him like that, reaching out when wasn’t this what he wanted—to be left all by himself without the persistence of Genya tailing him closely. He tilted his head slightly—the wind pillar looked highly disturbed.

“Is something wrong, Shinazugawa-sama?” Genya questioned.

“f*cking that. Stop it.” Sanemi demanded instantly.

Genya huffed. “What does that even mean? You’re not my brother. You’re not my friend either. You’re just a big fat meanie Jerkface.” Genya answered decisively. “Now, kindly, f*ck off and let go of my arm, Shinazugawa-sama.” He decided to emphasize the name with an even more polite smile. He wondered if, at any point, Tanjiro was going to try to step-in to ease the situation—and also paid a few thoughts to who exactly the red-haired demon slayer would chastise.

Sanemi glared at him. Genya just continued smiling—and no, he’s not hurt and pissed off and potentially acting out to get back at Sanemi in any way. Come on, he’s not that vengeful. “Do not address me as Shinazugawa-sama.” Sanemi gritted his teeth.

He sighed. “Fine. Then, how should I address thee old I’m-an-only-child Jerkface pillar?” Genya asked passive-aggressively.

“I’m obviously not an only child.” Sanemi snapped.

“Oh—did you adopt someone? Good for you.” Genya remarked without missing a beat.

The wind pillar released a loud groan that sounded more like an angry scream. “Oh, for the love of God—I’m talking about you.” Sanemi waved his free hand erratically.

Genya shook his head. “Uh, no. f*ck you very much. I rejected you. You’re disowned. By me.” He clarified slowly as if he was speaking to a toddler. Briefly, Genya missed the toddler-version of his freshly-disowned older brother. That version was caring and loving and would have never spent so much time glaring that it got permanently stuck on his face.

The white-haired demon slayer looked like he was about to have an aneurysm. “Since when were you this much of a snarky little sh*t?”

He figured that he could at least answer that much, though a part of him wanted to point out that Sanemi hardly even knew him from their very limited interactions. Interactions that were primarily characterized of a few mean words from Sanemi before he’d continue marching forward with his back to Genya. “Since I became friends with Mui on our way back from the swordsmith village.” Genya brightened at the memory.

They’d exchanged a few idle words while in the village during the brief moments of respite before the uppermoons had crashed the place. After that they continued talking when Genya had heard that the mist pillar had battled an uppermoon demon by himself from a young little boy that was sharing the story of being saved by him to anyone that would listen. Now, they had a letter-exchange wherein Muichiro was teaching Genya about bad words and standing up for himself against other demon slayers that might underestimate him.

“He’s a great influence.” Genya concluded aloud, satisfied with his verbal confirmation.

Sanemi murmured some extreme swear words under his breath and Genya’s eyes widened—he’d have to note some of those words for Muichiro in a way to repay the younger teen for opting to be his friend. “You’re not allowed to—” Sanemi started.

Genya shook his head. “Not up to you.” He declared in a sing-song voice. “I’m an orphan. I don’t have to follow anyone’s rules.” He added brightly.

Ok. Ok. I’m sorry. Nemi’s sorry. Please stop saying that I’m not your brother.”

“You’re too much of a jackass to be my brother. Notion rejected.”

Genya—get back here! I’m sorry.”

“Good for you. You’re learning humility through apologizing.”

Genya Pulls an Uno-Reverse Card on Sanemi - Golden_AngelWriter - 鬼滅の刃 (2024)


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