AJ & The Queen Cast, Character, & Cameo Guide (2024)

Netflix Original seriesAJ and the Queenstars RuPaul Charles as Robert aka Ruby Red, a down-on-her-luck drag queen embarking on a cross-country tour. There's just one problem: she has a young stow-away to contend with. Izzy G plays AJ, a street-wise10-year-old with a bad attitude. Together, the unlikely duo travel to various clubs across America, meeting a number of colorful characters along the way.

Created by RuPaul Charles, ofRuPaul's Drag Racefame,and Michael Patrick King, best known for his work onSex and the City,AJ and the Queenis a Netflix Original series that fuses sentimental drama with witty banter and camp humor. Season 1, released in January 2020, follows Ruby and AJ as they travel in an RV to Ruby's drag queen gigs— which are filled with plenty ofRuPaul's Drag Racequeens. As the odd couple spends time together, they gradually learn to appreciate, and even admire, each other.

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AJ and Robert face a number of challenges on their journey: AJ's on the run from the foster-care system, which she was placed in because of her mother's struggles with drug addiction, and Robert is coping with a devastating breakup and the loss of his lifesavings. Along the way, the pair are helped by friends new and old, but they also encounter some less-than-friendly— and downright dangerous— characters.

AJ & The Queen Main Cast

AJ & The Queen Cast, Character, & Cameo Guide (1)

RuPaulCharlesas Robert/Ruby Red - An older drag queen from New York City who has spent her career saving-up to open her very own club. Having finally saved up the $100,000 she needs to launch her business, the would-be entrepreneur is devastatedto learn she has been grifted by a con artist. Arguably, RuPaul is the most well-known and powerful drag queenin the entertainment industry today. She first rose to fame with her hit single "Supermodel (You Better Work)," but today is best-known for her popular TV seriesRuPaul's Drag Race.

Izzy G as AJ- The tough-talking child who lives in the apartment above Robert. AJ, desperate for money because her mother isn't around, first tries to rob Robert, then stows away in Robert's RV, wanting a ride to Texas. AJ is extremely antagonistwith Robert and is frequently unruly and obnoxious; however, over time, AJsoftens and learns to trust her road-trip companion. "Izzy G" has appeared in a handful of other projects, billed asIsabella Gaspersz; the Netflix Original series may prove to bethe child actor'sbreakout role.

Michael-Leon Wooleyas Louis/Cocoa Butter- Robert's roommate and friend. Louis is a fellow drag queen who is a blind diabetic. Robert isn't always very responsible— especially in regards to managing his diabetes— but he is a talented performer, an accomplished dressmaker, and a loving friend. Wooley is best known for his voice work, such as his role in Disney'sThe Princess and the Frog.

Josh Segarraas Hector/Damian Sanchez- Hector is Robert's too-good-to-be-true boyfriend and business partner. After Robert gives "Hector" a credit card and access to his life savings, the latter disappears, taking all of the drag queen's money with him. Hector doesn't stay gone for long, however, and he acts as one of the series' main antagonists.Segarra has had a number of recurring roles in television, including a stint inArrowas Adrian Chase.

Tia Carrereas Lady Danger- A former pageant queen herself and a fellow con artist working with Hector. Lady Danger wears an eye patch and has an infamous reputation among the drag queen community: she is a cheap source of cosmetic fillers, but has been known to occasionally slip in substances not suitable for use as a dermal injection. She is the series other primary antagonist. Carrere should be recognizable to viewers: in addition to playing Wayne's love interest Cassandra inWayne's World, Carrere also starred in the beloved TV SeriesRelic Hunter.

Katerina Tannenbaum as Brianna- AJ's mother and a drug addict. Brianna is a mess, and her location is unknown to AJ at the beginning of the show's events. She is unaware that AJ is travelling to Texas with Robert. Tannenbaum has had recurring roles in the showsThe Bold Type andSweetbitter.

AJ & The Queen Cameos & Guest Stars

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Matthew Wilkasas Officer Patrick Kennedy - The officer whois assigned to Robert's case. Kennedy also becomes Louis' love interest.

Misty Monroe asOfficer Rhonda-The initial officer Robert speaks to about Hector.

Raymond Ma and Cath Chang as Mr and Mrs Hong- A friendly couple who own the Chinese food restaurant where Robert and Hector go on dates.

Tommy Snider as Murphy- Thelackadaisical landlord of the club Robert plans to buy.

Mario Cantone as Alma Joy- A drag queen who Robert has a long-standing feud with.

Joel Murray as a highway patrol officer- The police officer who pulls over, and questions, Robert.

Marc Singeras Bob- The mechanic who repairs Robert's RV. Bob is also Helen's husband.

Adrienne Barbeau as Helen- The receptionist at the Bob's garage, as well as his wife. Helen is a former pinup model and wet t-shirt contest champion.

Brett Tucker as Officer Peter Dembrowski- Tucker plays theattractive officer who offers Robert advice about AJ.

Chad Michaels as Brian-Robert's friend and fellowdrag queen who specializes in impersonating Cher.

Patrick Bristow as Kevin Prescott - The club manager in Louisville.

Angel Laketa Moore as Cherise - A cell phone sales person who assists Brianna.

Jen Kober asa Kentucky police officer- The officer who investigates Hector's vehicle.

Laura Bell Bundy as Bernadette-An up-tight Mom who pressures her daughterto conform.

Tim Bagley as Lloyd Johnson- The owner/operator of a Bob Mackie museum.

Bridget Everett as Anna, Natasha Leggero as Kath, and Rebecca Metz as Yolanda -Three womenstaying atLittle Rock Little Lake RV park. They are putting on a production of Grease for their "potluck sing-along" and ask for Robert's help.

Armen Nahapetian as Brick - A boy AJ's age who is experimenting with his gender expression.

Adam Bartley and Terryn Westbrook as the father and mother of Brick- They are an old-fashioned, gun-loving couple who are uncomfortable with Brick dressing in girl's clothing.

Rey Gallegos as Karl and Drew Powell as Carl-The "Carls" are the park's gay cowboy couple. Carl makes "famous" mac & cheese "with the French cheese!"

E. E. Bell as Clem-The gate attendant at Little Rock Little Lake RV park.

Kevin Daniels as Darrell- A member of Fabergé's inner circle.He becomes Robert'slove interest.

Timothy Wilcots aka Latrice Royale as Fabergé- An old friend of Robert's who overcame adversity and found success as an entrepreneur.Fabergé owns the club in Jackson.

Kevin "Monique Heart" Richardson as Miss Terry - Another member ofFabergé's crew. Miss Terry isFabergé's main performer.

Mary Kay Place as a nurse - The nurse who assists Robert and AJ at the hospital.

Michael Cyril Creighton as Christian - An employee at the hospital and an aspiring drag queen.

Eddie Shin asan ER doctor- The doctor who treats AJ in the hospital.

John Rubinstein asan ER doctor- The doctorfrom Robert's flashback who tells Robert that Louis is blind as a result of his stroke.

Stacie Greenwell asa hospital official- The woman who investigates Robert's relationship with AJ.

Lisa Linke as Melissa- Thehospital's representativefrom payments and insurance.

Jason Michael Snow as Seth-Lorraine Bracco's handsomeassistant.

Lorraine Bracco as herself -Bracco appears as herself. She is an Oscar-nominated actress, best known for her roles inThe SopranosandGoodfellas.

Jane Krakowski as Beth Barnes Beagle - sometimes called "BBB," she's Robert's childhood friendwho married a rich Texan, Chad Beagle.

Robb Derringer as Chad Beagle -A wealthy land developer and BBB's husband.

Joshua Allan Eads, aka Ginger Minj, as Tommy-The party planner responsible for BBB's socialite parties.

Joanna Sanchez as Carmen-BBB's housekeeper.

Ryan Taylor aka Trinity the Tuck as Danielle Dupri- A well-known pageant drag queen and Robert's primary competition.

Jimmy Ray Bennett as Kevin andTodd Sherry as Ewan-The men behind the Miss Drag USA. The two are a married couple who have been running the pageant for 11 years.

Ptolemy Slocum as driver- The rideshare driver who seems far too comfortable with Lady Danger'ssuspicious behavior.

Airline Inthyrath aka Jujubee as Lee Saint Lee- Another queen competing in Miss Drag USA. She is friends with Danielle Dupri.

Constantine Rousouli as Jordan- A man Louis discovers in a compromising position.

Diane Delano as a Jackson police officer- The police officer at the Jackson lockup.

Pandora Boxx as herself- TheDrag Racealumni makes a special appearance as herself.

AJ & The Queenstreams on Netflix January 10, 2019.

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AJ & The Queen Cast, Character, & Cameo Guide (2024)


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