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Are you tired of fantasising about your crushes?

Keep your chin up, because you’ll be bombarded by handsome men!

The beauty of bishounen, or “pretty guys,” is something real men can’t match.

The anime boys are tall, slim, and have beautiful eyes.

Bishounen can listen and romance you.

Some will even save your life by using their supernatural powers.

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The Bishounen anime features a wide range of handsome men, making it easy to track the boys you add to your reverse harem.

This is an updated list. Make sure to check out the one below.

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What are Bishounen anime?

Bishounen, also known asBishie, is a combinationof bi(beauty) andshounen[boy], literally translating to “beautiful boy.”

These “beautiful boys” are well-known for their femininity and grace and have been a part of Japanese pop culture, as they have become idols, rock stars, and models.

The female population adores these heavenly beings.

Imagine a collaboration between anime and One Direction wannabees.

All the elements of anime you love, plus a few handsome boys.

Bishounen anime is full of sweet love stories.

They are eye candy in all shapes and sizes, so they can suit every girl’s tastes!

Here is a list of the 21 best Bishobi recommendations:

21. Vampire Knight

21 Best Bishounen Anime Recommendation - My Otaku World (1)

What if that hot guy at school turns out to be a vampire?

Do you want to learn more or do you prefer to scram?

Vampire Knightis the anime for you if you like mysterious men.

Cross Academy’s disciplinary committee includes the cheerful Yuuki Cross, and Zero Kiryuu, who are both members.

The academy houses two distinct classes: the Night Class and the Day Class.They are responsible for maintaining order among the classes as they change.

Although this may seem easy, the Day Class does not know the true nature of the Night Class.

Their utterly beautiful students are vampires.

Kaname Kuran, a Pureblood vampire, saved Yuuki from a vampire attack ten years ago.

Kaname Kuran is now the Night Class leader, and Yuuki can see him again through her disciplinary committee position, complicating her feelings.

Zero is a fiercely anti-vampire hater and believes that they cannot live in harmony with humans.

However, a secret from Zero’s past threatens the fragile peace at the academy and may cause things to change.

20. Owari no Seraph (Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign)

21 Best Bishounen Anime Recommendation - My Otaku World (2)

What was supposed to be a normal day turned out to be the end of the universe.

The Vampires appear and overtake the human race, sparing the children and killing most adults.

Vampires turn the children into cows and enslave them in a facility.

Yu and his family attempt to escape the vampires’ clutches, but they are ultimately killed in cold blood.

Yu was the only one who managed to escape and is now training to be a vampire exterminator for the Moon Demon Company.

There are no limits to the number of vampire husbands you can have.

The Vampire Knight prefers handsome men in bishounen, while Owari No Seraph favors hot boys.

No matter if they are vampire hunters or vampires, each boy has an edge.

It’s like Yu and Mika swapping Jacob vs Edward Twilight Saga battles.

19. Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion)

21 Best Bishounen Anime Recommendation - My Otaku World (3)

Code Geassis a futuristic platform that offers mind-blowing battles with young, attractive soldiers.

Lelouch’seyes will make you see his power.

Britannian student Lelouch Lamperouge is caught between the Area 11 rebel armed forces and the Britannian.

However, he can escape thanks to the prompt appearance of C.C., a mysterious girl who bestows on him Geass, or the “Power of Kings.”

Lelouch realizes the immense potential of his “power of absolute obedience” and embarks on a dangerous journey as Zero, a masked vigilante who leads a brutal assault against Britannia to exact revenge.

18. Haikyuu!! (Haikyu!!)

21 Best Bishounen Anime Recommendation - My Otaku World (4)

Hinata is passionate about volleyball, but his height is a problem.

He makes up for his lack of height with his amazing jump.

Hinata was shocked to discover that they go to the same high school after they had been competing in the middle school tournament with King of the Court, Kageyama Tobio.

If they are to be part of Karasuno’s volleyball team, the two must get along.

Haikyuu has too many bishounen!

You have the Karasuno team, the Aoba Johsai, and Nekoma, as well as all the other Karasuno verses.

The sweetheart Suga and tsundere Kageyama are just a few of the many.

All of them, despite their personalities and looks, are total badasses on the court.

What’s not to like?

17. Hetalia Axis Powers

21 Best Bishounen Anime Recommendation - My Otaku World (5)

This anime is very entertaining, even though each episode is quite short.

The story revolves around exaggerated stereotypes of countries set in motion by the main characters.

These charming guys will make you smile while teaching you something about their countries.

Hetalia Axis Powersasks these questions and then runs with them, transforming countries into characters.

While the show is lighthearted and humorous, it educates viewers about politics and historical events.

The story is set mainly during World War I and II.

It focuses on Axis Powers but occasionally reveals the tumultuous relationship of the Allied Forces.

The Axis Powers feature a protagonist from North Italy who is carefree, clumsy and loves pasta.

Germany is more serious but is easily flustered, and Japan is quiet but curious.

Based on Hidekaz Himaruya’s popular webcomic that has been turned into a print manga,Hetalia Axis Powersis a historical comedy that pokes light at culture, examines relationships between nations, and breathes life into history.

16. Kurosh*tsuji (Black Butler)

21 Best Bishounen Anime Recommendation - My Otaku World (6)

What will it take to exact your revenge?

Ciel Phantomhive was there when the Phantomhive Manor fell and his parents died.

At the time, Ciel was only 13 years old and decided to take control of the business and sign a contract with the demon.

The demon will eat Ciel if he fulfills Ciel’s request for revenge.

Black Butler is a classic in the bishounen category.

Although the cast is small, it’s memorable enough that they keep returning for more.

Ciel is the most mature shota in anime.

He understands his duties as Queen’s Guard Dog, Phantomhive Manor head.

Grell is Grell’s stylish, funny, and sassy best friend.

He would be open to any kind of roleplay.

Ronald is the most adorable dork and The Undertaker is a beautiful, mysterious boy.

Sebastian is the ultimate beast.

15. 07-Ghost

21 Best Bishounen Anime Recommendation - My Otaku World (7)

07_ Ghostis full of beautiful men.

Is it wrong to imagine yaoi in dark-themed anime?

We don’t believe so!

The Military Academy of the Barsburg Empire is well-known for its ability to train elites that bring glory to the empire.

The academy’s students can freely use a skill called Zaiphon to fight.

However, the type of Zaiphon that is usable depends on who the soldier is.

Teito Klein is a student at the academy and one of the most promising soldiers.

He is ridiculed for being a “slave”, which is German for slave, bthe ut he becomes close friends with Mikage, a fellow student.

Teito discovers a dark secret about his past while preparing for his final exam.

Teito is placed in prison awaiting his punishment after a failed attempt to assassinate Ayanami (a high-ranking official who murdered his father), fails.

Mikage only wants the best for Teito and helps him escape.

Teito eventually ends up in the 7th District Church, where he is accepted by the bishops.

Teito tries to escape the grasp of Ayanami, the Military, and he finds his memories.

He can then rediscover why he is the one who can change the destiny of the world.

14. Dance with Devils

21 Best Bishounen Anime Recommendation - My Otaku World (8)

A high school girl who loves studying.

That’s it. That’s Ritsuka Tachibana.Her life changes for the worse one day.

She is first summoned by the student council to be accused of being a troublemaker.

Second, Ritsuka discovers a world full of devils and vampires, and her mother is kidnapped.

Lindo, her older brother, acts suspiciously and Ritsuka is unable to understand why.

Ritsuka begins her journey in a world full of secrets and mysteries, with devils and vampires following the “Grimoire”, an item that allows its owner to control the world.

Dance with Devils is a reverse-harem anime that features bishounen fighting for the attention of the heroine.

Ritsuka’s brother Lindo is gorgeous.

Let’s not forget that Ritsuka is surrounded by three demons, each more attractive than the next, and a fallen angel with incredible black wings.

Dance with Devils is an anime about supernatural, shoujo, that will take you to a world full of demons who are just as handsome as princes.

If you are looking for bishounen characters that have a devilish temperament, give it a shot!

13. Nanbaka

21 Best Bishounen Anime Recommendation - My Otaku World (9)

The worst criminals in the world are held at Nanba prison.

Rock, Uno, and Juugo try every day to get past the guards to escape Nanba.

The boys have fun in their cells, even if they aren’t planning their next escape.

They have each other, even if they never leave prison.

Are you looking for colorful boys who sparkle?Sign us up!

It is difficult to pick one character you love since they are all wonderful.

And that’s not even including the prison guards.

It’s hard to ignore prison guards, especially when they are wearing uniforms all day.

Peach, the prison head, is the same.

Peach doesn’t want to be a fangirl about the hot men, but she has to keep her face straight in front of her staff.

If the characters are unable to help but fan girl, then you know that there is something worthwhile.

12. Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun (Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East)

21 Best Bishounen Anime Recommendation - My Otaku World (10)

Let’s continue with Hakkenden.

It revolves around Shino Izuka and Sousuke Inukawa.

Two boys died in a village fire that left their village ruined but came back to life due to lucky circ*mstances.

Shino and Sousuke share the same peony-shaped birthday mark.

One day, the Church appears in front of them.

This forces them to search for the “mystical gems” as well as six other people with the same peony birthmark.

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Shino and Sousuke embark on a journey to find out the truth behind this birthmark.

They will find the six other people they will form the Eight Dogs of the East with!

Let’s get rid of the reverse-harem label and move to a supernatural anime with lots of bishounen.

Hakkenden is a shoujo animation with many shounen ai hints.

The Eight Dogs are the East, a handsome, brave, and strong group of characters.

There are very few female characters.

Hakkenden can also be tailored to each person’s tastes.

The supporting characters are equally beautiful.

You’ll find yourself surrounded by cutie pies as you follow their adventures.

11. Fruits Basket!

Are you a hugger?

This breed doesn’t like hugging and turns into animals according to the Chinese Zodiac.

It’s a curse, but it’s true.Fruits Basket, an anime classic that is well worth the effort, is a must-see.

Tooru, 16, moves in with her grandfather after the death of her mother.

However, he is renovating his house so she can no longer live with him.

Tooru claims she will find someone to live with her, but fearing criticism from her family and not wanting any burden on her friends, Tooru hides in the woods and lives alone in a tent.

On her return from work one night, she discovers her tent was buried under a landslide.

Yuki Souma (the “prince” of her school) and Shigure Souma (a famous author), stumble upon Tooru’s situation.

They invite her to stay with them until her grandfather’s home renovations have been completed.

Tooru arrives at the Souma House and discovers the secret.

If a Souma is touched by someone of the other gender, they transform temporarily into one of the zodiac animals!

This strange phenomenon is not something to laugh at.

It is a curse with a dark past.

Tooru’s kindness and resilience will help her prepare for the Souma household as she continues her journey.

10. Kuroko no Basket (Kuroko’s Basketball)

21 Best Bishounen Anime Recommendation - My Otaku World (12)

In middle school, the Generation of Miracles was a cult favorite.

Each member was a skilled basketball player, and they won every game.

The team broke up when high school was over and they went to different schools.

Kuroko, one of the secret members of the Generation of Miracles, meets Kagami when he signs up for Seirin’s basketball team.

Kuroko is amazed at Kagami’s basketball skills.

They team up to be the best team Japan has ever seen.

It was a surprise to men that this anime shounen sport had the males’ sweat glow during every game.

This was probably the creator’s method of reaching a female audience.

A girl feels like she’s playing an otome game with the colorful and talented Generation of Miracles.

There’s the superstitious and tactical Midorima, Aomine, Kagami, Kagami, slightly yandere Akashi and many others.

Each boy has their own story, so you can focus on your favorite man.

The movie gives each character a memorable farewell.

9. Inu X Boku SS

21 Best Bishounen Anime Recommendation - My Otaku World (13)

Pet dogs are very popular.

What if you could have a pet dog that is also your friend, lover, and butler?

Do you think it’s worth considering getting one?

The anime shows a group of good-looking agents who work for their powerful and wealthy yokai masters.

Ririchiyo is the protected daughter of a well-known family.

Ririchiyo, a petite girl from a wealthy family, has been dependent on and protected her whole life.

But now, she wants to change that.

Ririchiyo is a young girl with a sharp tongue and poor communication skills.

Ririchiyo is helped by a childhood friend and takes up residence at Maison de Ayakashi.

This isolated high-security apartment building, which the 15-year-old discovers quickly, is home to many bizarre people.

Their quirky personalities aren’t the only thing that is strange about them.

Ririchiyo and all the other Maison de Ayakashi residents, including Ririchiyo themselves, are half-human, half-youkai.

Ririchiyo is only now starting to have problems.

To be allowed to stay in her new home, Ririchiyo must be accompanied at all times by a Secret Service agent.

Soushi Miketsukami is Ririchiyo’s new partner.

She is handsome and quiet… but also ridiculously clingy and creepily submissive.

Ririchiyo has a challenging path ahead of her with Soushi, her supernatural neighbor, as well as the start of high school.

8. K

21 Best Bishounen Anime Recommendation - My Otaku World (14)

Imagine a city ruled over by “Kings” who have supernatural powers and each king has his clan.

Imagine each of these kings fighting for their territory and clansmen.

Let’s now talk about Yashiro Isana.

He is charged with homicide after a video showing the murder of a Red Clansman goes viral on the internet.

Suou Mikoto, the Red King, and the HOMRA (his clan) are after him.

Yashiro is running for his life when he meets Kurou Yatogami – a skilled swordsman, who offers to help him.

Yet, there is a greater conspiracy…

K is an action-packed anime that combines supernatural elements with fighting and struggle.

There are comedy moments, but the main thing is that it is full of bishounen.

This season features the Red King, Blue King, and their clans.

Each member is strong-willed, beautiful, and sure to have a great time.

We must not forget the two bishounen Yashiro Yatogami and Kurou Yatogami who are the main characters.

This show has many shounen-ai hints that can be found if you’re willing to look for them.

K is for those who love to see hot men.

7. Tsubasa Chronicle

21 Best Bishounen Anime Recommendation - My Otaku World (15)

Syaoran finds Princess Sakura, his childhood friend, on the Clow Country ruins.

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His wings disperse and become many feathers.

Sakura’s memory is affected by the feathers dispersing into different sizes.

Syaoran, in an attempt to save Sakura’s memory and restore her life, travels to another dimension to find a solution.

He can only do one thing.

To collect Sakura’s feathers, travel through different dimensions.

Kurogane, a Japanese exile ninja who wants to help with the quest, is helping out.

He is Fay, a runaway magician from Japan who would like to travel between different worlds to collect Sakura’s feathers.

6. Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

21 Best Bishounen Anime Recommendation - My Otaku World (16)

This anime has a better art style than the original Fate Stay Night and is a must-see!

The Holy Grail War is an epic battle royale between seven magi who are Masters.

Masters can use the command seals that they receive when they enter the war to command Heroic Spirits, also known as Servants, to fight for them in battle.

Rin Toosaka is one of the magi who entered the Fifth Holy Grail War.

She hopes to win the ultimate prize, the Holy Grail, which is a magical artifact that can grant any wish of its owner, with her Servant Archer.

Emiya Shirou is Rin’s classmate and accidentally enters the competition.

He ends up commanding Saber, a Servant of his own.

They find themselves in a situation where they have to face mutual enemies.

Rin and Shirou form a temporary alliance to challenge their rivals in the Holy Grail War.

5. Marginal#4: Kiss kara Tsukuru Big Bang

21 Best Bishounen Anime Recommendation - My Otaku World (17)

A new idol unit has been born at Pythagoras’ production.

They are called “Marginal#4” and are ready to kiss the stars through their music.

Marginal#4 are high school students who struggle with teenage angst as well as their careers.

They are fiercely competitive and will always support one another.

Marginal#4 and their seniors, Lagrange Point, support them.

They also support Unicorn Jr., their juniors, while the show is still going.

Let’s keep watching to see what happens!

Marginal#4 is an anime comedy that features lots of bishounen.

Although they look cool on stage, these young idols become very ordinary boys who worry about test scores and use social media to complicate things when they’re not.

It’s easy for shippers to pick up shounen-ai hints among them because they are surrounded by other bishounen, both their seniors and juniors.

Marginal #4: Animation is a lighthearted and fun show that you should watch if you like music, beautiful boys, and a relaxing atmosphere.

4. Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu (Katsugeki Touken Ranbu)

21 Best Bishounen Anime Recommendation - My Otaku World (18)

The Retrograde Army is an unknown group of shadow monsters that seek to disrupt events during the Bakumatsu period.

To stop them, a wizard creates humanoid Toshizou Hijikata blades.

This allows them to travel at the right time to stop their retrograde.

They make sacrifices and question the purpose of their army as they travel.

They can’t change the timeline no matter how hard they try, even if that means innocent people are killed.

Imagine Hetalia, but with more serious swordsmen.

The best part is that they are animated by Ufotable so the prettiness is amplified 1000%.

Some anime are more interesting than others, but they all follow the same format.

Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu has a refreshing sense of humor, probably because it is based on a video game.

You will be hooked for an intense binge-watching session with this series, which features action, a stunning soundtrack, beautiful animation, and tons more.

3. Bungou Stray Dogs

21 Best Bishounen Anime Recommendation - My Otaku World (19)

Atsushi, an orphan boy, was kicked out of his orphanage without any reason.

Atsushi, who is homeless and starving, decides to rob every person he meets.

The victim ends up being a drowning man.

Atsushi saves his life and is soon swept into the supernatural by the Armed Detective Agency.

Atsushi will learn how to control his power through them.

He should be cautious, though, because rival mafias will try to take Atsushi’s power.

Fun fact: According to mangaka Kafka asagiri, the pitch for Bungou Stray Dogs went like this.

“I talked about how cool it would be if the old guard Japanese poets and novelists were remade into dashing young men of supernatural abilities and the editorial office started going nuts for that.”

Bungou Stray Dogs has an app, a movie, and confirmation for a third season.

It’s a great way to have great moments of ship, anthe d people can’t get enough of seeing the beautiful men fight each other.

You can’t help falling for a flirty character.

2. Yuri On Ice!!

21 Best Bishounen Anime Recommendation - My Otaku World (20)

Yuri Katsuki is disqualified from a major figure-skating tournament.

He decides to quit.Victor Nikiforov, the champion figure skater, notices Yuri after he makes a video of his practice.

Victor decides to stop figure skating to help Yuri become the next champion.

But with Yuri Plisetsky’s senior debut, will Yuri Katsuki be able to make it to the first round?

Yuri On Ice was a popular 2016 show for its unique romance and charming characters.

We were all biting our nails watching Yuri Katsuki claim Victor as his.

As these Greek Gods display their talents on the ice, we are captivated.

Some show off their huge muscles while others have – uh, some “junk in our trunk”.

If you like physical appearance, don’t hesitate to visit Yuri On Ice.

1. Free!

21 Best Bishounen Anime Recommendation - My Otaku World (21)

Haruka Nanase (or Haru) thinks only of the water and swimming in that.

Haru has fallen out with Rin, his childhood friend.

Haru swims now without a purpose.

It happens that Rin and Haru meet up at their old swim club, where they have an awkward reunion.

Haru is challenged by Rin to a swimming contest.

However, Haru’s school must have a swim team to be able to compete.

Haru, Haru’s friends, and their efforts to make Rin’s swim club a reality together

The Free! The franchise is Bishounen at its best!

This anime was the first to offer girls constant man service and has a great story.

Each season brings new shirtless hunks and drama, and it makes for intense yaoi situations.

You can watch Free right after you finish reading this article if you have the time!

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