10 Best Female Bishonen Characters, Ranked (2024)

Bishonen characters are normally male characters with pretty-boy good looks and a princely manner. They're genteel, laconic, and ladies tend to fall at their feet in droves. Whether they're a chivalrous knight, or a school prince with a fan club, bishonen are some of the best character types anime has to offer.

The character type is so popular that it's often deconstructed. Bishonen characters can be women, too, and they're written specifically to align with princely ideals. Female bishonen are gorgeous and gentlemanly. They're also often androgynous or totally dressed as a boy, and they are masters of careful flirtation.

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10 Kaori (City Hunter)

10 Best Female Bishonen Characters, Ranked (1)

Ryo is generally known as the handsome beefcake of City Hunter, but Kaori rivals him in looks and demeanor. She works closely with Ryo and has a decided distaste for how he runs through dating. Her bishonen status is more of a running joke than something deliberate, but there is good energy there.

There are all kinds of beauty. Kaori's slightly more masculine look is gorgeous, regardless of whether the series means it as a joke or not. Though she doesn't wish to be a "prince," she is a tomboy who wants to walk in her brother's footsteps.

9 Sera (Case Closed)

10 Best Female Bishonen Characters, Ranked (2)

Sera is the younger sister in Case Closed, and she is well-versed in martial arts. Sera is a fun-loving, "boyish" person who isn't afraid to get her hands dirty when it comes to roughing up bad guys. Most bishonen are proud of their bishonen status, but Sera is more self-conscious over being mistaken for a boy.

Sera shouldn't be, though. Her uniqueness is what makes her shine. She's adorable and clever. And she's tough – she often helps Conan out when he's in sticky situations.

8 Sir Integra (Hellsing)

10 Best Female Bishonen Characters, Ranked (3)

Sir Integra of Hellsing really embraces the cool-headed, laconic part of a bishonen's personality. She may not have "princely" aspirations, exactly. However, she is a member of the Protestant Knights, and that's pretty much the same thing.

Integra also wears traditionally masculine clothing (as compared to when she wore more traditionally feminine clothes as a child), and she pulls it off with effortless swagger. She's also fond of cigars like she's meant for a Victorian smoking room. Female bishonen tend to take things like their duties and loyalties very seriously, and Sir Integra is no different.

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7 Haruhi (Ouran High School Host Club)

10 Best Female Bishonen Characters, Ranked (4)

Haruhi literally tripped into becoming a suitor for the Ouran High School Host Club, rather than doing it on purpose. She doesn't prioritize dressing as a boy as much as she doesn't care much about traditional gender expression. Nevertheless, she makes an excellent and popular host.

Ouran High School Host Clubis all about bishonen, and Haruhi is one of two main female bishonen characters. Haruhi believes that gender doesn't matter, and it's about what's on the inside that counts. And those sentiments along with her gentle manners are a huge part of why she's so charming.

6 Sapphire (Princess Knight)

Bishonen characters are most common in shojo anime and Princess Knight is regarded as the first ever shojo anime. It's fitting that its bishonen character is a plucky girl who is both a princess and a knight, as the title elucidates. Not only does Sapphire take on the role as princely heir, she was born with two hearts.

Sapphire has both the pink heart of a girl and the blue heart of a boy. Sapphire does traditional "princely" things, like fighting with a sword and riding a horse astride. This is largely because she was raised as a boy in her world. She is considered gender-fluid, and also has a "princessy" alter-ego.

5 Benio Amakusa (Ouran High School Host Club)

10 Best Female Bishonen Characters, Ranked (6)

Benio leads the White Lily League and Zuka Club of Lobelia Girls' Academy. Their organization foils the Ouran High School Host Club. Benio is tall and fully leans into flirting with all the swooning girls in her school. She absolutely loves being the bishonen of her school.

Benio knows exactly how to play the adoring swain, like a prince that stepped right out of a fairy story. It must be said, though, that Benio is far more chivalrous in the manga than in the anime where she has some strange motivations for wanting to kiss Haruhi. Benio finding men silly and useless makes more sense than petty jealousy.

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4 Kashima (Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun)

10 Best Female Bishonen Characters, Ranked (7)

Kashima is written specifically to subvert the bishonen trope in Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun. Kashima is incredibly enthusiastic about being a gentleman and treating everyone like a beautiful and delicate princess. To the point where her love language for the guy she likes is to treat him like a princess.

Poor Hori isn't quite as evolved as Kashima, and Kashima can misapprehend situations, at times. It makes for some comedy-of-errors incidents. For Kashima, showing love means treating someone like a princess, and that's incredibly sweet and admirable.

3 Lady Oscar (The Rose Of Versailles)

10 Best Female Bishonen Characters, Ranked (8)

The Rose of Versailles is one of the greatest classic shojo anime, and it has one of the best female bishonen to date. Lady Oscar Francois de Jarjayes doesn't want to be a prince. Close enough, though, she always wanted to be an officer.

Oscar serves Marie Antoinette and her court with honor, bravery, and swagger. She also has a classic sanguine bishonen personality. Oscar can do everything from swordfighting, to dancing, to wooing. Though she has a full romantic life, she's also quite serious about her duties.

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2 Utena (Revolutionary Girl Utena)

10 Best Female Bishonen Characters, Ranked (9)

Utena resembles everything that is chivalry and courtly love in Revolutionary Girl Utena. Utena aspires to be a "prince" and uphold all the virtues of chivalry. That motivation is what ultimately unites her with Anthy.

When Utena comes to Anthy's defense, she wins the fateful duel that pairs her with the princess. Utena is so pure-hearted that her skills and abilities don't fuel her ambition. But like a true prince, she wants to just protect others and seek justice, and she's willing to push herself to the limits to do so.

1 Haruka (Sailor Moon)

10 Best Female Bishonen Characters, Ranked (10)

No one flirts quite like Haruka in Sailor Moon. She drives fast cars, knows how to turn on the polite charm, has stellar fashion taste, and she has a heart fully devoted to her love, Michiru.

Haruka is highly observant, and she understands quiet Michiru like no other. Even Usagi's heart is in danger when it comes to Haruka and her charm. Like a true intergalactic prince, Sailor Uranus is one of the few Senshi to wield a sword in her attacks. Even the ou in her last name Tenou means "king."

10 Best Female Bishonen Characters, Ranked (2024)


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