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Three Kingdoms Idle
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Jul 06,2024

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Three Kingdoms Idle: An Addictive Idle RPG with Strategic Gameplay and Beloved Characters

Three Kingdoms Idle is a captivating idle RPG that immerses players in the legendary Three Kingdoms era of ancient China. With an arsenal of over 50 heroes to collect, including renowned warriors like Lu Bu, Guan Yu, and Zhuge Liang, players can assemble a formidable army tailored to their unique strategy.

Immersive Real-Time Battles

Engage in exhilarating real-time PvP and PvE battles, challenging other players to duels, fighting alongside clanmates in epic clashes, and conquering formidable boss monsters. The battles are visually stunning and fast-paced, adding an element of action to the gameplay.

Deep Strategic Gameplay

Beyond the thrill of combat, Three Kingdoms Idle offers a depth of strategic gameplay. Players must meticulously upgrade their heroes, allocate resources, and optimize formations to enhance their army's strength. With countless combinations of heroes and upgrades, players can customize their playstyle and experiment with various strategies.

Authentic Three Kingdoms Experience

The game faithfully recreates the characters and lore of the beloved Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Fans of the epic setting will relish uniting their favorite heroes in a single army. The character designs are visually captivating, bringing these legendary figures to life.

Continuous Progression and Upgrades

Three Kingdoms Idle provides a constant stream of progress and upgrades, fueling the addictive gameplay loop. Players can ascend hero rarity, enhance abilities, equip gear, and boost attributes to strengthen their army. Unlocking these upgrades offers a sense of continuous advancement and unlocks new gameplay content.


Three Kingdoms Idle skillfully blends the beloved Three Kingdoms setting with addictive idle RPG gameplay. The diverse heroes, strategic depth, exciting real-time battles, and perpetual progression offer hours of entertainment for both casual players and dedicated strategy enthusiasts. The game's authentic portrayal of the Three Kingdoms lore adds significance to every decision, making army building and upgrading a rewarding and immersive experience. Download Three Kingdoms Idle now and embark on an epic journey in ancient China!

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